Hot Plate and Stirrers



THERMO-Hot Plate and Stirrer


Feature a solid, low-profile design lo reduce the chance of tipping and spilling. Easy-lo-clean, seamless ceramic top is alkali and acid resistant; aluminum surface provides superior temperature uniformity and durability. Microprocessor controlled feedback technology maintains consistent, repeatable temperature settings or speed ideal for labs that perform repetitive procedures.

Models with Hot Plates feature an easy-t0-read digital display that indicates temperature settings, adjustable in 5″ increments. Their unique hot surface alert system includes: A height red warming light that signals when heating surface is above 50°C; and a flashing display that shows HOT:OFF when heating is turned off and heating surface has not fallen below 50°C. Flat top and high-wattage heating elements combine to provide a superior heating urea and faster boiling.

Models with Stirring capability feature a unique StirTrac” technology that offers improved slow-speed stirring and stronger magnetic coupling even in viscous solutions. Braking feature rings the stir bar to an immediate stop for quick flask removal. All models include an integral ring-stand holder that accommodates a ” diameter support rod, one PTFE-coated stir bar, and detachable cord with plug. Note: Not recommended for use with metal vesses. Specific and


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